Q: Is this some kind of joke?
A: Say the word "Jay-Zeezer" out loud. Does it sound like I'm being serious? Ironically, even though it started out as a bit of a spoof, a lot of people actually enjoy the music and have been very encouraging. I thank you and Jay-Zeezer thanks you.

Q: When will you finish the rest of the songs?
A: I'm Weemixing more tunes as we speak.

Q: How do I listen to/download the songs?
A: Click on the icon next to a song to pick a download location. If one is slow, try another. To save a song, simply right click on the link and select "Save As."

Q: Can you send me a CD?
A: Probably not. But welcome to the Internet, you can download the songs and make your own!

Q: What software did you use to do this?
A: SoundForge 7.0 and Acid Pro 4.0.


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